What are aerospace composites?

Aerospace is undoubtedly the largest industry which makes use of composite materials in all their applications. Military aircraft, commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters, spacecraft, etc., make substantial use of high-performance composite materials for both the internal as well as external components. The common aerospace composites include carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced matrix systems.  

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What are the different types of composite materials?

Composite materials are majorly classified based on the reinforcement material used in it. This reinforcement material is carefully embedded into the matrix to strengthen the final product. The common types of composites include random fiber reinforced, short fiber reinforced, continuous fiber-reinforced, long fiber reinforced, particulate reinforced, filler reinforced, and flake reinforced composites.

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What are composites used for?

Composite materials are generally used for applications which require high stiffness and strength and low thermal conductivity. From the aircraft structures to the automobile parts, composite materials have the capability of replacing the heavy-duty metal parts. When used as a component in a structure, it significantly improves the tensile strength, toughness and creep resistance of [...]

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What is a composite engineer?

A composite engineer is an individual who works with the composite materials like fiberglass, Kevlar, graphite and other such materials to create and repair products. A composite engineer may be asked to fabricate composite material parts or they may be even asked to use their engineering and manufacturing knowledge to fix parts and products made [...]

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