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Interharex is an engineering services firm established to support the composite companies with their design and analysis needs for composite and metallic structures.

Our services provide additional ability to composite manufacturing companies to quickly respond to new projects and changing requirements.



Composite is a material combining two or more different materials with significantly different properties.

Composite Design Engineer

Our knowledge of composites is applied to a wide range of industrial sectors as proved in projects such as mineral extraction plants, sewer treatment plants, desalination, variety of industrial equipment and structural components.

We able to deliver the design project on time and on budget. Customers benefit from our professional skills and experience applied to the most complex challenges.

We promote the advance structural engineering and composite design engineers Sydney with thorough development and research, with cooperation in the industry and education in the contemporary structural technology.

We at Interharex believe in providing the best results from close enduring partnerships rather than the single project relationships. We invest our time in building relationships and understanding our clients. The investment lets us apply our knowledge and experience in making the lives of our clients more comfortable and their projects more successful.

Interharex promotes the advancement of structural engineering with thorough development and research, due to our long tradition of working with industry partners on various projects.

Interharex believes in providing the best results. By investing our time in building relationships and understanding our clients. This investment allows us to apply our knowledge and experience in making the lives of our clients easier and the projects more successful.

When choosing a team of composite design engineers in Sydney to assist you on your project, you need to be confident in your selection. Here at Interharex, we have over twenty years’ experience in composite structures consulting. Working from our office in Sydney, we have experience in a range of project sizes involving composite structures. We are confident that with our expertise we will provide cost effective and innovative solutions for our clients.

Our team of composite structures consultants in Sydney provides services crucial to many engineering disciplines.

What is a composite engineer?2019-10-05T19:56:00+11:00

A composite engineer is an individual who works with the composite materials like fiberglass, Kevlar, graphite and other such materials to create and repair products. A composite engineer may be asked to fabricate composite material parts or they may be even asked to use their engineering and manufacturing knowledge to fix parts and products made out of composite materials.

What are composites used for?2019-10-05T19:56:17+11:00

Composite materials are generally used for applications which require high stiffness and strength and low thermal conductivity. From the aircraft structures to the automobile parts, composite materials have the capability of replacing the heavy-duty metal parts. When used as a component in a structure, it significantly improves the tensile strength, toughness and creep resistance of the structure.

What is composite material in construction?2019-10-05T19:56:28+11:00

A composite material that is used in construction is a material generated from two or more materials with different characteristics. When combined as a composite material, the physical and chemical property of the final product is different and much more enhanced than the individual components.

What are the different types of composite materials?2019-10-05T19:56:41+11:00

Composite materials are majorly classified based on the reinforcement material used in it. This reinforcement material is carefully embedded into the matrix to strengthen the final product.

The common types of composites include random fiber reinforced, short fiber reinforced, continuous fiber-reinforced, long fiber reinforced, particulate reinforced, filler reinforced, and flake reinforced composites.

In which industries are composites used in?2019-10-05T19:56:51+11:00

Due to the property enhancement benefits of composites, they are currently being used in a wide range of industries including appliance, aerospace, civil infrastructure, automotive, transportation, construction, farming, electrical, construction, marine, corrosive environments, among several others.

What are aerospace composites?2019-10-05T19:57:06+11:00

Aerospace is undoubtedly the largest industry which makes use of composite materials in all their applications. Military aircraft, commercial aircraft, business jets, helicopters, spacecraft, etc., make substantial use of high-performance composite materials for both the internal as well as external components. The common aerospace composites include carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced matrix systems.



Our engineering team is skilled in many aspects of composite and metallic structures.


Combined power of FEA and composites

Our combined expertise in composites and finite element analysis (FEA) benefits the final results and cost savings.

We provide strain and stress analysis of composite structures  supplemented with the design reports and code compliance certificates.

We design composite structures or its components and optimise performance by utilising the proven FEA approach.

Progressive Failure Analysis

We provide structural stress analysis of industrial equipment supplemented with the design certification and report for code compliance. Also, we can improve strength and reliability of composite materials and structures.

Our team of consultants of finite element analysis services is highly trained in handling some complex tasks efficiently. Right from complete stress analysis to full dynamic assessment and structural testing of the products.

We have a long tradition of working with industry partners on various research projects, involving our composite structures consultants, in the development of new products and transferring our research in design guidelines to enable the use of advances of composite technologies.