The Top Mechanical Engineering Company in Sydney

When choosing a mechanical engineering company in Sydney, you should first evaluate their experience. Look at how long they have been serving the Sydney area and what type of jobs to they typically perform. Determine whether they have a reputation for innovation or whether they merely recycle the same old ideas.

Sydney Mechanical Engineering Companies need the Latest CAD Software

Some Sydney mechanical engineering companies do not invest in the latest CAD programs. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and allows mechanical engineering companies in Sydney to develop a piece of equipment or system on a computer and ultimately to translate that three-dimensional drawing into two-dimensional plans.

Without the latest programs, the mechanical engineering company may not have access to the most recent material specifications and limitations, and therefore may not be able to take advantage of the latest innovations in the materials and fabrication markets. There is also the concern that if the Sydney mechanical engineering company is not using the most recent software with the latest and greatest features, the time required for the engineer to complete the task is likely to be greater as the older versions of CAD software are far less efficient.

The Benefits of Finite Element Analysis

Another consideration is whether Sydney mechanical engineering companies are taking full advantage of Finite Element Analysis, commonly referred to as FEA. Finite Element Analysis involves using a digital model to predict how a design element will perform.

Finite Element Analysis breaks down a designed object into thousands of finite elements, hence the name. Computer models then analyse each part, looking for a weakness or inefficiency. Interharex believes that Finite Element Analysis is a critical component of mechanical design and should be part of the analysis and design phase utilised by every mechanical engineering company in Sydney.

Experience Counts!

Interharex has been serving the Sydney area for over twenty years. We have led the industry in the mechanical design of pressure vessels, piping systems and complex material handling solutions. We pride ourselves on being innovative and well-versed in all the latest techniques, capacities and materials.

We will listen to your concerns and overcome all the challenges to bring your project to a conclusion in the most cost efficient manner. We will also rely on our extensive experience to meet or beat the anticipated construction or fabrication schedule. We know what the realistic timelines are for all types of manufacturing and can ensure that the suppliers respond to their deadlines, rather than falling for some stock answers often given by suppliers when they miss deadlines.

When you consult with us about your proposed project, we can provide you with many examples of similar projects we have completed. While no two projects are the same, and techniques and materials change over time, we can demonstrate aspects of other projects that are similar to yours. We can also describe how we overcame challenges within the project that you may not even have contemplated. That is the benefit of our extensive experience!