Interharex: The Leaders in Mechanical Engineering in Sydney

Different Types of Engineers

People often say that there are as many different kinds of engineering as there are types of music. Some of the most well-known types include:

  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Software
  • Naval
  • Mechanical

The differences between these various disciplines of engineering are sometimes obvious and often subtle. Almost everyone knows that an aerospace engineer is involved in the design and construction of spacecraft, rockets, missiles and aircraft. Naval engineers are involved in the development and construction of ships, submarines and water based structures and equipment. It is unlikely that many would confuse the two.

However, most people that are not tied to the engineering sciences have a hard time explaining the difference between a civil engineer and a mechanical engineer. A civil engineer focusses on the engineering aspects of government bodies, such as highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. They prepare specifications for road projects that go out to bid and often determine what method of road resurfacing may be required. They can recommend what type of equipment a city should buy and assist in determining whether a bridge or government building should be repaired or torn down. A civil engineer may also be utilised in the design and maintenance of water and sewer systems.

Mechanical Engineers in Sydney

A mechanical engineer in Sydney utilises their skills and education to design, manufacture or maintain equipment or the mechanical components of facilities. They focus on machinery, heating and air conditioning systems, cooling processes, pressure vessel design, etc.

Interharex is known principally as a mechanical engineer in Sydney. We provide state of the art services and technologies to our clients.  We help reduce the risk on projects for our customers to increase their profit and decrease the risk of losses. We help provide innovative solutions to the design problems of our clients.

Our Sydney mechanical engineers provide Structural/Mechanical Consulting services and mechanical component analysis and optimisation. They take great pride in developing a unique and creative solution for any Sydney mechanical engineering problem. We utilise the latest CAD software and Finite Element Analysis methodology. These tools allow us to model the design and ultimate performance of the system or equipment we design to determine whether there are any weaknesses or flaws in the system before the project is actually built! We can design and bench test various approaches on a computer, to determine which model will perform best in the real world.

Whether your company needs a custom designed pressure vessel or needs another type of specialised mechanical equipment for your business, Interharex has the Sydney mechanical engineers for you. We specialise in pipe system design. We can design and spec a system that will not only meet all your specific needs, but we will do so in the most efficient manner possible, we aim to keep material costs as low as possible without compromising the integrity of the system.  We also will utilise the materials that are the most labour efficient to build and install, to decrease build times and keep projects moving under budget.