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Interharex is recognized structural engineering specialist, with solid knowledge in steel and composite structures, special purpose frames as well as stacks and wind sensitive structures. With extensive experience across a variety of projects and project size, Interharex can add value at all levels of planning, design and delivery.




A multidisciplinary firm of consultanting engineers and designers specialising in a wide range of industrial, commercial and public sector projects.

Structural Engineering Consultants

With hands-on senior staff using leading-edge technology, we deliver cost-effective yet flexible concepts and final designs to successfully encounter our clients’ expectations.

In addition to our standard design work, we provide a state of art finite element analysis (FEA) methodology as part of our service in optimisation of components. This allows us to shift savings to the client by reducing weights and increasing the strength of the optimised modules.

structural engineering company

Interharex is a structural engineering firm that provides an outstanding and innovative approach and a buildable structural design in all the sectors throughout the region. We work closely with the clients and the design partners for delivering the most efficient outcomes when maintaining the architectural vision.

The structural engineering services we provide are design and validation of structures at various stages of the project, including the assessment of the materials used in the structure. We inspect the structures during and after the construction for ensuring that the development of the building or the structure correctly reinforces or counteracts the loads as per the requirements.

Our structural engineers in Sydney often serve as the consultants to the architects, builders, project managers at different stages in the projects providing structural engineering services to ensure the successful construction of the project.

So, looking for a structural engineer Sydney? Then contact Interharex today as we provide the best structural engineering consultants Sydney. To know more about us, visit our official website today.

What is Structural Engineering?2019-10-05T19:45:57+11:00

Any construction or a building is comparable with the structure of the human body. Just like a human body is composed of a skeleton, even a building has a skeleton and the study of this is called as structural engineering.

A professional from this stream of engineering can provide useful help in ensuring that the basic foundation of a building remains robust and strong when subjected to any external force. They would be able to understand how each and every project for establishing a building needs to be approached and provide necessary insight into finding cost-effective and straightforward ways to build a strong building.

How much is a structural engineer inspection?2019-10-05T19:48:02+11:00

Since each and every project is unique in its own way, we do not offer a present quote for the service of structural engineer inspection. Prior to beginning any project, we detail all the relevant costs. Only once the structural calculations are made, your payment would be due.

What are signs of structural damage to house?2019-10-05T19:48:30+11:00

Whenever structural damage occurs in your house, it can pose a major risk to the foundation of the house. Your house may even collapse if the structural damages are not repaired. There may be signs of structural damage in the interiors as well as the exteriors of your home.

The signs of structural damage on the interiors of your home include a gap at the point where the walls and floors meet, bowed walls, nail pops, drywall cracks around the door frame, bouncy or uneven floors, basement walls which are cracked, cabinets which swing open, sticking doors or windows, among several others.

The signs of structural damage on the exterior of your home include stairs of front porch which pull away from your home, cracks in the stonework or brick in steps/stairs, leaning or cracked chimney, gaps in door frames or windows, etc.

When do I require the services of a Structural Engineer?2019-10-05T19:48:49+11:00

If there is a need to modify the shape and form of any building, you would be needed the assistance of a structural engineer. Attempting the task yourself can pose a serious risk to the foundation of the building.

Structural engineers ensure that the foundation of a building remains robust and strong even after a strong external force is applied to it. Whenever you need to modifying or completing the structural elements like roofs, floors, etc., the services of a structural engineer can prove to be pretty useful.

What are the structural irregularities?2019-10-05T19:49:00+11:00

A structurally irregular building is the one that possesses major discontinuities in stiffness, mass, and strength. These irregularities include mass irregularity, soft story, in-plane discontinuity, discontinuity in capacity, and other vertical and horizontal irregularities. The presence of such irregularities can affect the configuration of the structure to a large extent and can be the source of major structural issues in the future.

How much does a structural engineer charge?2019-10-05T19:49:19+11:00

The charges of a structural engineer depend on the type and duration of a project. Some structural engineers charge per hour, and some of them may charge a total fee for the entire project. On average, structural engineers charge about $100-150 per hour.

How long does a structural engineer’s analysis report take?2019-10-05T19:49:34+11:00

If the property which needs to be analyzed for structural irregularities is completely ready, we take about 7-10 days to prepare a detailed analysis report. This duration is after the instructions, and necessary considerations about the structure are provided to us.

Should I hire a structural engineer when I’m buying or selling a property?2019-10-05T19:49:47+11:00

If in case you are buying or selling a property and are concerned about the structural irregularities in the concerned property, hiring a structural engineer would be a good idea. A thorough structural inspection by the engineer would either give you the peace of mind that nothing is wrong with the property or if there are any irregularities in the structure, you can easily calculate the cost involved to rectify it.


Interharex is a consulting company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Structural Optimisation

We optimise steel frame design by utilising member cross sections and connections. Lighter structure means cost reduction.

Linear and Non-Linear Analysis

Using FEA tools in detail design, we can improve strength and reliability of the structure. We can increase fatigue resistance and lifetime span.

We at Interharex are one of the best structural engineering consultants in Sydney offering a complete multi-discipline approach at all the stages of the project’s lifecycle from the designs through operation and into construction.

Interharex provides and an outstanding and innovative approach towards structural design in all sectors. We work closely with our clients and design partners for delivering the most efficient outcomes.

Our structural engineering services include; the design, site inspections during and after completion), inspection of construction materials, as well as serving as consultants to architects during various stages of the project’s development.