Interharex is proven mechanical engineering specialist, with multi-disciplined expertise in pipe system design, pressure vessels and material handling. Part of our everyday work is solving problems from modifications and optimisation right up to major infrastructure projects.



A versatile firm of consulting engineers and designers practising in a wide range of industrial, commercial and public sector projects.

In addition to our standard design work, we provide a state of art finite element analysis (FEA) methodology as part of our service in optimisation of components.

This allows us to shift savings to the client by reducing weights and increasing the strength of optimised parts and assemblies.

With our experienced senior staff using state of the art technology, we deliver cost-effective yet flexible concepts and final designs to successfully confront our clients’ expectations.


Interharex is a consulting company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Assembly Optimisation

We optimise parts and assemblies design by utilising section properties based on FEA validation. Lighter structure means cost reduction.

Linear and Non-Linear Analysis

We can improve strength and reliability. We can increase part quality, durability and life time span.