In Need of Mechanical Design Engineers in Sydney? Call Interharex!

When choosing a mechanical design engineer in Sydney, you need a firm that has the experience and tools to provide you with efficient and timely service with the expertise to get the job done right the first time. Interharex has been providing Sydney with mechanical design engineers for twenty years. We pride ourselves on supplying quality innovative solutions to our clients that will provide them with a superior final result that will exceed their expectations. We specialise in pipe system design, pressure vessels and material handling. Interharex provides linear and non-linear analysis to improve strength and reliability.

We Have the Experience to Handle Your Project from Start to Finish

Many mechanical design engineers can merely sit down and “spec out a job.” We pay attention to all the details to make sure that your project keeps moving forward and can provide you with input and suggestions during the design and specification process. That will allow you to make some decisions regarding materials and costs, consistent with your budget, time frame, and any other considerations or pressures.

Mechanical Design Engineers in Sydney Using FEA

In addition to providing mechanical design engineers in Sydney, we take the project a step further by utilising Finite Element Analysis, commonly referred to as FEA. Finite Element Analysis involves using a computerised model to predict how a design element will perform in the real world. We can model forces such as pressure, heat, vibration, and heat, etc.

Finite Element Analysis is used to help design mechanical components and systems but most importantly, it allows us to predict whether the system will operate as intended or whether it is likely to fail in the real world. Finite Element Analysis breaks down a designed object into thousands of finite elements, hence the name. Computer models then analyse each element to predict how it will perform. We can then view the performance of every one of these thousands of small elements of the design either as subparts, or as a whole, to predict the ultimate success or failure of the design and component. We can also improve the strength, quality, durability and life span of mechanical components during the development and evaluation phase.

Interharex believes that Finite Element Analysis is a critical element of mechanical design and should be part of the analysis and design phase utilised by every mechanical design engineer in Sydney. We rely on a variety of disciplines to come up with just the right system or component for our clients including industry and material specifications, manufacturer’s recommendations, and our twenty years of experience.  However, we don’t just rely on the tried and tested solutions. We pride ourselves on coming up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our clients. It is never an acceptable answer when the question “Why do we have to do it this way?” to merely respond “That is the way it has always been done!”  We feel the follow-up question should be: “But is there a better way?”

Our extensive use and expertise in the use of Finite Element Analysis is why Interharex is the Sydney mechanical design engineer choice for your next project